USMLE Step 1 Neuroanatomy Review 26 12 Midbrain (2_5)

USMLE Step 1 Neuroanatomy Review 26 12 Midbrain (2_5)


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Begin 26 12 Midbrain (2_5) Transcription

Now we’re going to look at the internal anatomy of the midbrain. A horizontal cross section of the midbrain can be divided into three regions.

What are these three regions?

  • The base, the tegmentum, and the tectum.

The base, of course, forms the base, but how would you describe in this horizontal cross section the region of the tectum?

  • The tectum is the region dorsal to the cerebral aqueduct.

And how would you describe the tegmentum?

  • The tegmentum is located between the base and the tectum.

If you thought of the midbrain as organized like a house, what would the tectum form?

  • The tectum forms the roof of the midbrain.

And it includes what structures?

  • The superior colliculi.

What two sets of structures are contained within the tegmentum?

  • The cranial nerve nuclei and the sensory pathways.

And what are the three tracts that are contained within the base?

  • The corticospinal, the corticobulbar, and the corticopontine tracts.

The internal anatomy of the midbrain is often considered on two levels. What are these two levels?

  • The level of the superior colliculus, which is more rostral, and the level of the inferior colliculus, which is more caudal.


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