USMLE Step 1 Neuroanatomy Review 26 17 Pons (2_5)

USMLE Step 1 Neuroanatomy Review 26 17 Pons (2_5)

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Begin 26 17 Pons (2_5) Transcription

Now we’re going to look into the caudal pons, please take a look into figure 10.2.

The base of the caudal pons contains the three fiber tracts that pass through the pontine nuclei. Student doctor, please list these three tracts. The corticospinal, the corticopontine, and the corticobulbar.

Now the tegmentum continues with what formation of the medulla?

  • With the reticular formation of the medulla.

Where is the reticular formation larger, in the pons or in the medulla. The reticular formation is larger in the pons then in the medulla.

Now student doctor, where in the caudal pons is the abducens nerve located?

  • The abducens nerve is located near the posterior surface of the pons, lateral to the medial longitudinal fasciculus.

And where in the caudal pons, is the nucleus of the facial nerve located?

  • In the ventrolateral tegmentum.

And where is the nucleus of the superior olivary nucleus located? The superior olivary nucleus is located ventral to the nucleus of CN VII.

Now impulses from what two bilateral structures reach this nucleus?

  • Impulses from both ears reach this nucleus.

Student doctor, what are the fibers carried in the tegmental tract?

  • The central tegmental tract contains ascending fibers from the lower reticular formation to the thalamus.

Where in the caudal pons are the vestibular nuclei located?

  • The vestibular nuclei are located near the posterior surface of the pons lateral to the abducens nucleus.

Student doctor, which tracts and what nucleus is located ventral to the vestibular nuclei?

  • The spinal tract and the nucleus of the trigeminal nerve are located central to the vestibular nuclei.

Now what two structures form a boundary between the tegmentum and the basilar part of the pons?

  • The medial lemniscus and the trapezoid body.

What function is the trapezoid body involved in?

  • In the relay of auditory information.

Student doctor, where in the caudal pons is the lateral lemniscus located?

  • The lateral lemniscus is located lateral and posterior to the medial lemniscus.

And what kind of fibers is carried by the lateral lemniscus?

  • It carries ascending auditory fibers to the inferior colliculus.

Now each lateral lemniscus carries auditory input from which ear?

  • Each lateral lemniscus carries auditory input from both ears.


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