USMLE Step 1 Renal Physiology Review 59 19 Final Review

USMLE Step 1 Renal Physiology Review 59 19 Final Review

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Just as a final review before we end our discussion of renal physiology see if you can list the twenty structures through which plasma then filtrate, then urine flows on its way through the kidney to the urinary bladder. One of these twenty is an area rather than a structure. Start with the renal artery and don’t forget the connecting tubule. Please pause the tape if you wish. Renal artery, afferent arteriole, glomerular capillaries, glomerular filtration barrier, Bowman’s capsule, proximal convoluted tubule, proximal straight tubule, thin descending limb of the Loop of Henle, thin ascending limb of Henle, thick ascending limb of Henle, distal convoluted tubule, connecting tubule, cortical collecting duct, medullary collecting duct, duct of Bellini, cribriform area, minor calyx, major calyx, renal pelvis and ureter.


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