USMLE Step 1 Review 01 03 Anatomy Derivations from the Endoderm

USMLE Step 1 Review 01 03 Anatomy Derivations from the Endoderm

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Play USMLE Audio MP3 01 03 Anatomy Derivations from the Endoderm Below

USMLE Step 1 01-03 Anatomy Derivations from the Endoderm Audio


Begin 01 03 Anatomy Derivations from the Endoderm Transcription

We’re gonna add one thing on to our functional definition here. Using the ENDO and the E and N, give the three memory key words for endoderm.

  • Endothelium, elimination, nourishment

Most of the glands of the body are from endoderm, except one. What is this exception?

  • Adrenal medulla

What is the key concept in knowing where we’ll find endothelium from endoderm in the body?

  • Endothelium lines all of the fluid filled cavities of the body.

What six structures are listed in the drawing as being lined with endothelium?

  • The lining of the heart, blood vessels, lymphatic system, urogenital system, urinary bladder and middle ear.

What three organs or systems of organs are illustrated in the drawing as deriving from endoderm?

  • The lungs, GI system and the pancreas.


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