USMLE Step 1 Review 01 08 Anatomy Branchial Derivations

USMLE Step 1 Review 01 08 Anatomy Branchial Derivations

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Begin 01 08 Anatomy Branchial Derivations Transcription

In evolutionary terms, the branchial derivations recapitulate what?

  • Gill structures in marine animals.

In humans, what are the branchial derivations analogous to?

  • Pharyngeal.

What used to be hearing organs and gill organs in marine animals are now in humans what four general functions associated with the branchial or pharyngeal structures?

  • Hearing, facial expression, chewing, speaking.

On this tape, we will use the term branchial in honor of the evolutionary derivation.

What three types of branchial structures will we be looking at?

  • Clefts, arches and pouches.

About the only thing branchial clefts turn into is what?

  • The external auditory meatus.

Knowing this, what embryonic tissue are branchial clefts derived from?

  • Ectodermic.

In the branchial region, bone, connective tissue, muscle and blood vessels are derived from what branchial structure?

  • Branchial arches.

And what would the embryonic derivation be?

  • Mesodermic.

The cranial nerves innervating the branchial arches are from what kinds of embryonic cells?

  • Neural crest cells.

Of what embryonic origin are the neural crest cells?

  • Ectodermic.

But we also have branchial glands. What type of branchial structure are the glands derived from?

  • Branchial pouches.



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