USMLE Step 1 Review 02 09 Anatomy Layers

USMLE Step 1 Review 02 09 Anatomy Layers


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Let’s continue our USMLE Review with Anatomy from the Gold Standard USMLE Step 1 Audio Review program.

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Begin 02 09 Anatomy Layers Transcription

Going from superficial to deep, what are the 8 layers of the abdominal wall?

  • Skin, superficial fascia, Camper’s and Scarpa’s, external oblique muscle, internal oblique muscle, transversus abdominal muscle, transversalis fascia, extraperitoneal fat, and peritoneum.

What are the three covering layers of the spermatic cord itself, superficial to deep?

  • External spermatic fascia, cremaster muscle, and internal spermatic fascia.

What are the three outer covering layers of the scrotum, superficial to deep?

  • Skin, dartos muscle, and Colles’ fascia.



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