USMLE Step 1 Review 02 12 Anatomy Arteries of the Abdomen Main Branches

USMLE Step 1 Review 02 12 Anatomy Arteries of the Abdomen Main Branches

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Begin 02 12 Anatomy Arteries of the Abdomen Main Branches Transcription

Arteries of the abdomen.

What three main arteries giving rise to many more arteries come off the abdominal aorta starting from cranial and going toward caudal?

  • Celiac trunk, superior mesenteric, and inferior mesenteric arteries.

What five organs are served by celiac trunk artery?

  • Liver, stomach, spleen, duodenum, and superior pancreas.

What six organs are served by the superior mesenteric artery?

  • Inferior pancreas, duodenum, small intestine, cecum, ascending colon, and transverse colon.

What three organs are served by the inferior mesenteric artery? 

  • Descending colon, sigmoid colon, and superior rectum.

The abdominal aorta then branches,what’s that called?

  • The left and right common ileac arteries.

What structures are served by the left and right ileac arteries? 

  • Middle and inferior rectum, pelvic muscles and structures, internal and external ileac arteries.

Going back to the top, what smaller arteries are coming off the abdominal aorta before the celiac trunk?

  • Inferior phrenic arteries.

And what three arteries come off the celiac trunk? 

  • Common hepatic artery, left gastric artery, and splenic artery.

What two structures are in between the celiac trunk and the superior mesenteric artery? 

  • The pancreas and the underlying splenic vein.

What are the 6 arteries coming off the superior mesenteric artery? 

  • The inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery, the middle colic artery, the right colic artery, the ileocolic artery, first jejuna artery, and the jejuna and ileal arteries.

What two structures separate the superior mesenteric artery from the inferior mesenteric aryery?

  • Left renal vein and jejunum.

What are the 3 main arteries that come off the inferior mesenteric artery?

  • Left colic artery, sigmoid arteries, and superior rectal artery.

Going back to the top again, we’re going to catch the arteries that come directly off the aorta that are in addition to the 3 main arteries.

Again, what are the arteries that come off the aorta above the celiac trunk?

  • The inferior phrenica rteries.  Then, we have the celiac trunk.

What two structures are next that are no artiers. 

  • Splenic vein and pancreas.

Then, what tdo we have?

  • The superior mesenteric artery.

What comes off the aorta on both sides more or less behind the superior mesenteric artery? 

  • The left and right renal arteries.

And then what two structures follow the superior mesenteric artery?

  • The left renal vein and the jejunum.

What arteries now come off the aorta lef and right below the jejum and above the next major arery, the inferior mesenteric artery? 

  • The ovarian or testicular arteries.

Below the inferior mesenteric artery, we have two arteries coming off the aorta, one from the posterior aorta. What is that one?

  • The middle sacral artery.

And one coming off the left aorta, what’s that?

  • The left uroteric artery.

Where do the right uroteric branches come off?

  • Off the right common ileac artery.



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