USMLE Step 1 Review 02 24 Anatomy Larynx

USMLE Step 1 Review 02 24 Anatomy Larynx


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Let’s continue our USMLE Review with Anatomy from the Gold Standard USMLE Step 1 Audio Review program.

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While we’re here, we’ll just touch on the larynx very quickly.

Which cranial nerve supplies innervation to all of the muscles of the larynx, including the vocal cords? 

  • Cranial nerve X, the vagus.

Which nerve and branch of the vagus supplies the cricothyroid muscle?

  • The superior laryngeal nerve external branch.

Is the cricothyroid an intrinsic or extrinsic laryngeal muscle?

  • It is an extrinsic laryngeal muscle.

And what is its function in phonation?

  • Pitch and inflection.

The internal branch of the superior laryngeal nerve of the vagus gathers sensation from what part of the larynx?  

  • The mucosa of the larynx and pharynx above the true vocal cords, including, the epiglottis.

All of these intrinsic laryngeal muscles are supplied by what nerve of the vagus?

  • The recurrent laryngeal nerve.

The recurrent laryngeal nerve also gathers sensation from what part inside the larynx and respiratory tract?

  • The laryngeal mucosa below the true vocal cords and the upper esophagus and upper trachea.



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